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Motorcycle Cremation Keychain

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Imagine being able to carry your loved one with you everyday.

You can with cremation keychain that hold a tiny amount of ashes.

These keychains are a way to have a little piece of loved ones wherever you go. 

Our keychains are made from high quality stainless steel. It won't tarnish and will last forever.

Keychain feels solid and not cheap. You are going to LOVE this and adding it to your keychain.

    What is included:

    • Black velvet bag
    • Funnel kit to help you easily fill the necklace

    Cremation jewelry ships in 1 business day from your order

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    • Express shipping options available
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    • Easy returns/exchange policy
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    Getting the ashes in is easy.

    Each keychain comes with a plastic funnel kit and pin to help you easily fill your keychain.

    Once the ashes are in, screw the top back on. To further ensure the ashes don't come out, you can add small drops of glue to seal the top.